Prints for Home & Commercial Spaces 

Fine art prints for home & business. Select from a variety of mounting options from gallery wrapped canvas, beautifully custom framed prints, unique and luminescent metal prints, to vibrant prints paired with polished acrylic for a truly radiant display to complement your space.

Image & Footage Licensing

Choose from a library of content for your next project, including a collection of agriculture images and views across the Pacific Northwest. Image use licensing for advertising, marketing and editorial use. Need an image for a magazine advertisement, book cover, website, billboard, product brochure or trade show display, we can work together for an impactful project or campaign. Also available, agriculture video footage, including HD and 4k, for use in TV, film and other video productions. 

Home & Ranch Photography

Aerial photos of your farm or homestead to preserve the views for generations to come. So many farms have a photo from generations before as a reminder of the legacy of their parents and grandparents, continue the tradition with a high quality image that you will be proud to display and pass down for years to come.

Agriculture & Mapping

Aerial data to help in detecting and solving issues in production. Driving by or riding across a field can be helpful in understanding the health of your crops or understand other issues including weed pressure, insects & disease. Getting an aerial view can provide another perspective on the issues that may need to be addressed. Map out areas within a field to assess the precise number of acres affected by damage (weather, animal, etc) and monitor your crops with same day results.

Real Estate Photography

Photography has become the most important aspect of marketing homes, condos and properties online. Great images give buyers a positive first impression and this typically determines whether they call or visit the property. When it comes down to making a final decision, buyers often revisit these images over and over as a part of the decision process. Interior, exterior and aerial photos will give the property the attention it deserves!

Still Photography & Video Assignments

From on location assignments to getting the photos and videos for your next project - including advertising campaigns to marketing materials or film productions, we will work together for a successful project. Previous work includes footage for documentary films & broadcast TV, aerial photos & video for TV advertisements, including auto dealerships, as well as footage used for educational productions.

Construction Site Views & Progress

Images and video taken from the air and ground are valuable in monitoring job sites remotely or track and document the progress for the various groups involved. Still photos and videos can be scheduled on a regular basis - daily, weekly or monthly, to provide the views needed to monitor the progress. This is a great way to measure and communicate the project status to all stakeholders involved in the process, regardless of their location.

* FAA Certified Remote Pilot/Commercial Drone Operator

* Member of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA)

* Member of the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA)

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